Lydian Chromatic Concept explained simply. Hello, thought I would share this and save everybody from trudging through the book (which is. Get acquainted with the Lydian mode and the Lydian Chromatic Concept – and learn why the Lydian scale, rather than the major, is the true. I’m going to give a very cursory simplification for the answer because asking about Lydian Chromatic theory is just like asking about Set Theory.

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To this end, the fifth then establishes itself as the basic unit of tonal gravity whereby. It should be noted that the current book presents these specific subjects far more extensively than in previous editions. The minimalist apparitions of the “New Age” will be curiosities of the past, understood as the unfortunate byproducts of primitive prescription drugs that dumbed and numbed a good part of the population.

Bach and Maurice Ravel are included in the current volume to reinforce the all-inclusive nature of tonal gravity. What would be the most natural scale to play over a CMaj7? No art form or theory is complete without some basis in psychology and spirituality. No art form or theory is complete without some basis in psychology and spirituality.

There are currently a small number of instructors in the United States, Europe and Japan who are formally certified by George Russell to teach the Concept. Most – if not all – music theoretical systems have chosen to ignore the inclusion of this key internal element. The principal chromati of The Concept is to grasp the behavior of all musical activity i.

That, in a nutshell, is the Lydian Chromatic Concept. This is the basis of the Dominant-Tonic relationship — harmonically the strongest possible chord progression.

In order for this to begin to work within you and within your music, it is strongly suggested that you give these ideas your complete openness and attention, and, even for brief moments, let go of your preconceptions of the theoretical foundations of Western music. So if a Perfect 5th is the strongest non-root interval, we can build up a harmonically strong scale using intervals of Perfect 5ths.

Lydian Chromatic Concept

Through the Concept the law of gravity is apparent. As you absorb this knowledge and become more intimate with its fundamental principles, such as the actuality of a passive “do” which yields to everything in scale that is higher that itself Chapter IIyou can begin to unearth a vision of your innate cobcept within your musical discipline.


Does a student of the Concept have to abandon their already existing knowledge of Western music theory? Who can most benefit by studying the Lydian Chromatic Concept? Opening up to those possibilities requires patience, concentrated thought, and dedicated study. The Lydian Chromatic Scale is the most complete expression of the total self-organized tonal gravity field with which all tones relate on the basis of their close to distant magnetism to a Lydian tonic.

Sign up using Facebook. Jul 6 ’15 at 7: He was an editorial assistant to Maestro Russell from until Russell’s death in As the player ventures further from the Lydian tonic however and further up the circle of fifthsthe tonal gravity shifts. Unlike any other theory of music, Mr.

Most people, since the creation of tonal music a few centuries ago, would answer: A very high level of integrity, refinement and excellence prevailed in his life. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization – Wikipedia

I’m going to give a very cursory simplification for the answer because asking about Lydian Chromatic theory is just like asking about Set Theory or Serialism. This will require you to conxept some basic questions about the meaning behind an organization of musical tones and why you play or write music.

Pages chromaric import images to Wikidata Articles with hAudio microformats. By seeking what music ITSELF is telling us about its own elemental structure, The Concept supplies the necessary means to conceive that a gravitation field of tones exists as a self-organized cojcept of unity. Artists most often describe the process of creativity in transparent and intangible terms. This focal point can help you decipher between the superficial, mechanical associations you may be accustomed to making in your compositions or improvisations and the quality of consciousness that allows many levels of subtlety to come into play.

As a full time professional musician and music educator,there were deep things in music that I had grasped aurally but could not explain.

Lydian Chromatic Concept – The Jazz Piano Site

Students of this work are able to adapt their own musical perspectives to the ideas presented by the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization. What is the fundamental difference between the Lydian and Major Scale? For example, if notes further up the circle of fifths e.


Close though the frequencies may be, the 11th partial of the overtone series is almost always understood to be a flattened 4. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

That said, this theory may be used to create tonal, atonal, and pantonal music. The focus, attention, and consciousness you put into the study of the Concept will uncover greater meaning and an expansion of your musical understanding, regardless of the stylistic genre of music to which you apply it.

A tonal gravity field is something not unlike a pitch-class region.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. From there on, it just gets a lot more complicated. It is this deeply meaningful internal process – his essence – which guided him each and every day. His hard-cover book, the fourth edition can be ordered directly from Concept Publishing through Amazon.

Lydian Chromatic Concept Theory basically asserts that the lydian scale is more closely aligned to the natural, universal properties of sound than the conventional major scale. The art and science of tonal gravity Fourth Second printing, corrected, ed. Andy Wasserman has been giving private lessons in the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization since when he was granted certification directly by George Russell to teach “The Concept” in it’s entirety.

George Russell’s Lydian chromatic concept of tonal organization. Scroll down to the very bottom of this page to read a collection of selected wisdom quotes by many Jazz master innovators who either played in Mr. He taught throughout the world, and was a guest conductor for Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, and Italian radio. What is a Lydian Chromatic Scale? The Concept has a unique way of interpreting and translating the things of great value that music can tell us–something about the meaning of organization and gravity.