Joseph Aspdin: building construction: Reintroduction of concrete: Joseph Aspdin patented the first true artificial cement, which he called Portland Cement. Portland Cement – Joseph Aspdin. While preparing to build the Eddystone Lighthouse in , engineer John Smeaton conducted a series of experiments. Joseph Aspdin was an English cement manufacturer who obtained the patent for Portland cement on 21 October Joseph Aspdin (or Aspden) was the.

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Candlot, the French authority, in work on Ciments aapdin, published in Paris indoes practically the same; and Professor Busing in his work on Der Portland Cementpublished in Berlin ingives credit to Aspdin for employing the high temperatures necessary to produce Portland cement clinker bei sehr hoher temperatur einen vorzuglichen hydraulischen Kalk zu erzeugen welchen er Portland Cement nannte Note One might wonder whether a world without Portland cement moseph be more challenging than a world without oxygen.

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William Aspdin – Wikipedia

This might have been William Altona Aspdin, Wiliiam’s son. Famously, he would emerge from his office when each newly loaded kiln was ready sspdin firing, and scatter in handfuls of brightly coloured crystals over the raw mix, to give the impression that the special properties of his product were the result of aspdn unidentified “magic ingredient”.

Jooseph page was last edited on 20 Novemberat Aspdin lived in this yard then called Slip Inn Yard a. Whether Whites or the others “improved upon” Aspdin’s cement at the time is questionable, since tests at the time showed no significant systematic difference between the various suppliers’ products.

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English bricklayer and inventor who patented Portland Cement. It shut down shortly afterwards. So Pasley’s impressions don’t add much to our knowledge. He was undoubtedly the inventor of so-called “Portland cement”, and he was the first azpdin this country to manufacture artificial cement on a large scale Note 7. By he had set up in business on his own in central Leeds.

Portland stone was the most prestigious building stone in use in England at the time. In JulyAspdin left the firm after a major disagreement with his father. Johnson, and continued in operation untilwhen it too was bought by Blue Circle and shut down. Pasley is said have been the first to use Medway clay in the manufacture of hydraulic cement at Chatham, and very shortly afterwards Frost started the manufacture on a joweph scale at Greenhithe, Kent, on the actual site of the present well-known works associated aspdih Messrs.


However, the cement portion was often of uneven quality. Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery.

Portland Cement – Joseph Aspdin • Originating in Leeds • MyLearning

After this proceeding I put the above mixture into a slip pan for evaporation, either by heat of the sun or by submitting it to the action of fire or steam conveyed in flues or pipe under or near the pan till the water is entirely evaporated. While experimenting in his kitchen, Aspdin found that by heating clay and limestone at a very high temperature, then cooling, grinding and mixing it with water he had created a particularly strong cement.

Retrieved from ” https: I feel strongly that some effort should be made to provide wspdin fitting memorial to Aspdin, whose invention is being utilised to a greater and wider extent day by day, not only in Europe and America, but over the whole of the globe, and the great utility of which in so many different classes of construction renders the name of Aspdin worthy to be remembered with those of Smeaton, Watt, Stephenson, Symington, Faraday, and the rest of the roll of celebrated Englishmen, whose work has so joswph changed the conditions of life for the better during the past century.

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Aspdin or Aspden was the eldest of the six children of Thomas Aspdin, a bricklayer living in the Hunslet district of LeedsYorkshire. Home inventors Joseph Aspdin. Peel, he said, replied approvingly, and the threat of a tax was lifted. There aspdkn no doubt, however, that Major General Sir C. The Joseph Aspdin memorial in question did not materialise. This led to such satisfactory sspdin that he started a works which not only had the foundation of the Portland cement industry in Kent, but also in the whole world Note 9.

While preparing to build the Eddystone Lighthouse inengineer John Smeaton conducted a series of experiments which led to the discovery of ‘hydraulic lime’.

This written in no sense detracting from the almost incalculable value the varied work of the great Dr Priestley. They really do it. The name “Portland” was chosen because of the resemblance of the cement to the oolitic limestone of Portland, England.

Note 27 The justice of Aspdin’s right to the credit of the invention and the commercial perfection its manufacture can be found in most of the great engineering constructional works produced in the Victorian Era.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is, however, certain that neither Joseph Aspdin nor his predecessors aepdin to burn the mixed materials to the point of vitrefaction sic – an essential feature in the manufacture of what is now known as Portland cement.

The cement industry, This actual patent document, I am josepph to understand, is in the possession of Aspdin’s grandson, now living near Leeds Note An effort is being inaugurated with this view, which I trust will result successfully in perpetuating the memory of a worthy Yorkshireman, a Leeds man, and a great benefactor of the human race.

The hardened mixture reminded Aspdin of josseph prized building rock quarried on the Isle of Portland, thus the term “Portland Cement.

Joseph Aspdin’s Portland Cement

Pasley began the use of blue Medway clay instead of some other clay that he had hitherto used. The first cement was made by taking a specific quantity of road scrapings from roads repaired with the oolitic limestone and reduced to a powder and calcined. From Azpdin Commons, the aspfin media repository.

Pullon certainly doesn’t know! From this crude beginning has developed one of the greatest industries of building material of modern times.

Appeals to foreign writers of this aspsin don’t usually help, since their historical knowledge is limited to having read the historical accounts produced by British writers, particularly Josepj, who visited Aspdin’s Ings Road plant, noted the tall kilns capable of high temperature, and mistakenly assumed that this was the original plant. Portland Cement – Joseph Aspdin While preparing to build the Eddystone Lighthouse inengineer John Smeaton conducted a series aspidn experiments which led to the discovery of ‘hydraulic lime’.

He must have experimented with cement manufacture during the next few years, because on 21 October he was granted the British Patent BP entitled An Improvement in the Mode of Producing an Artificial Stone, in which he coined the term “Portland cement” by analogy with the Portland stone, an oolitic limestone that is quarried on the channel coast of England, on the Isle of Portland in Dorset.

Thwaite’s article reiterated the biographical details given jose;h Redgrave in his 1st edition. However, William did not file for a patent on his modified process, and sometimes claimed his father’s patent.