De Sobremesa () – José Asunción Silva. Sobre el autor y la obra. – José Asunción Silva. o Colombia, Vida: o El más. De sobremesa. (Novela.) by Silva, José Asunción and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at José Asunción Silva fue un poeta colombiano. Parte de su importancia para la literatura estriba, esencialmente, en haber sido uno de los más importantes.

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Marriage as invention to channel sexual instinct. Inmany of Silva’s works, including his principal work of prose, were lost in a shipwreck. London, 11 de noviembre. One escritor, in her house, feels sick, creates artificial nighttime.

Summary from Cambridge Latin Americapg. All written in a hypothetical future tense. He is considered one of the founders of Spanish—American Modernism.

Books by José Asunción Silva

The girl Helen is very beautiful in a fragile sort of way. Interlaken, 5 August, nighttime. Falls in love with her. Still obsessed with this woman…. Peaceful and fresh feeling of being around nature. The poem “Nocturno” Nocturnal was his most famous work, published posthumously in Ginebra, 9 de agosto.

What they call thus is but a dark mask behind which the eyes of mystery loom up and look out, and you are Mystery itself.

Some of his work, such as the anthology Bitter Drops Gotas Amargas has been praised for its use of language and irreverent, rebellious use of everyday language, the skeptical, “bitterly” humorous nature of its content and its break with literary and social tradition.


Notes from introduction to text version translated by Kelly Washbourne. Perhaps you never have existed and you are but a luminous dream of my spirit; but you are a dream more real than what men call Reality. When he was just ten years old, he wrote his first poems. Somewhat regrets having been with other women.

The next day, the girl and her father leave. Has been sending out telegrams searching for young Helen, who he has continued obsessively idealizing.

Lost his parents when relatively young. Mentions drugs he takes. Later he suspects that perhaps this malaise has been due to an innate terror of the new year. He wants to go looking sobremeea her. She wanted to give him a trade of some less valuable jewels for the necklace until she could pay him for it, but he just wanted to give it to her.

Sensory impressions register so powerfully upon the hypersensitive young man that he is easily overwhelmed, especially by art or female beauty. The text of the diary occupies most of the novel. Someone insulted my last poems. Goes to see asunion doctor. Passionate evening, narrator gets fed up with Nini and wants to kill her, suffocating her with pillows.

They are all very quiet. Also, has some unidentifiable ailment. Doctor tells him again to sobrejesa dreaming and get his life in order. Cosmopolitan nature of the place.

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Inhis beloved sister Elvira died. His trip to Europe would influence his style, as he incorporated many French themes. The men want Fdz to read him something, so he begins.

It is said that Silva committed suicide after a dinner party on the evening of 23 May Felt like he was dying. Kinda like Sin Rumbo! London, 11 de octubre.

rockthecomps: De Sobremesa () – José Asunción Silva

Again, questioning religion, free will…etc. Where is a good God and why is she dying? Man in the countryside, with an old couple, abstaining from drink and women. Madness, Nerves, and Tuberculosis. When he goes to see her he is horrified because he sees all sorts asuncionn things that remind him of Helen a bouquet of flowers, a butterflyso he leaves. Incapable of paying his family’s enormous debts, Silva accepted a diplomatic post in Caracas.

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