Interview with Jan Kersschot for Natural Spirit: Starpeople Vol. 55 Q: What made you come back “Home”? JK: Coming Home to your true nature. The Daydream Unmasked Jan Kersschot. flower picture. Jan Kersschot. book cover. Purchase Jan’s latest book – This is It: The Nature of Oneness. Link to Jan’s . Jan Kersschot has 16 books on Goodreads with ratings. Jan Kersschot’s most popular book is This Is It Interviews with Teachers of Non-Duality Includi.

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See the list sorted by Topic. Advaita for the 21 st Century.

Without this body, there would be no concepts about awareness in this head, yes. It is the ian in the back of the movie theatre. One formless Light appearing as many forms. So, it does not exclude anyone. The ian are different in shape and size, but the essence is the same.

In the book I explain this issue in the drawing which illustrates the difference between vision X and vision Y, between duality and non-duality.

And if there are a lot of followers, it is normal that the teacher is sitting on a platform so that everybody can see him or her. Let me tell you: That is why I always add that there is nothing wrong with some teachers compromising Advaita. Duality is only a minor conceptual part within the infinite.


The idea of a higher self or soul is again an idea in the mind, it is just another image appearing in the daydream. Now I would say that this experience I had at 15 was out of time. Druk gerust wat op de andere knoppen ook, of lees het aangrijpende verhaal van Harry nu je hier bent.

You see, this is a nice example to illustrate the difference between duality and dualism. And if the reader is attentive, he or she will notice that this book invites the reader to have a critical look at all teachings that are around these days — including those in my own book.

The Daydream Unmasked

I am attracted to go and see such gurus, but I also have some pride inside me. Do you need to have some kind of awakening experience in order to see this? That there is one awareness which both guru and devotee are. When there is a clear knowing that the person is a phantom, you can still pretend jsn be a person for practical reasons. In the appearance, anything can happen.

It may be a matter of gratefulness, respect and loyalty towards the teacher. And I contradict myself several times in my books and in my talks because it is indescribable. I will try jann accept life as it is.

  ADA 2005 LRM PDF

And there is a lot of confusion around regarding non-duality. There is nothing to accept, nothing to let go.

Interview with Jan Kersschot | doorzie

That there is nobody home? There is still a fascination with the idea of the “spiritual warrior” and levels of spiritual maturity. Why did you keep the interviews with the others as well?

We are taught to make effort and make our lives work. Then the separation between master and follower is gone. Ok, from this day on, I will try doing nothing! I am not judging this behavior. Life is a good movie: Vul je gegevens in of klik op een icoon om in kerdschot loggen.

While we kissed, my lips started to melt into hers and within a split second I disappeared completely. Anyway, a teacher who addresses the reader on a personal level is compromising. There are no rules.

I just point to the fact that they are not using the right label. Why would people put a master on a higher level than themselves, while they know we all share the same awareness?