iDirect’s satellite-based IP communications technology enables constant connectivity for voice, video & data applications in every environment. channel narrowband license for the XLC-M line card; GQoS enhancements to optimize large scale networks; Web-based iSite for remote commissioning. iSite remote commissioning tool facilitates deployment of new sites quickly by providing universal local access to configure and control iDirect devices from the .

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Is used for uploading option files into the iDirect modem, dish alignment to attain the best signal strength. Otherwise you will get very frustrated Is the modem configured for Fixed Site read: With Evolution, customers can invest in an innovative technology mindset aligned with a long-term business strategy.

Reply 15 – Jan 22 ndat 6: I have tried to push a new option file from iBuilder.

Download iSite software for iDirect

All of your answers will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for legitimate research purposes. Best regards, Eric wxw. It is a fairly advanced QoS, and it will take them some time to field it appropriately to prevent the complaint department from filling up. Oct 31, When Every Second Counts: Software enhancements continually fuel the product line, delivering innovations ranging from remote performance gains and faster processing speeds to expanded functionality throughout the network.


Set the polarisation accurately by calculation.

Download iSite software for iDirect

Agree with Pat, if you are paying for a service, hold your provider responsible for getting it to you. Reply 6 – Nov 5 that 1: I want you to explain how to load package and image on idrect also how to do the cumulative upgrade.

Wherever you are and whatever your problem we are here to help each other. The information available on VT iDirect, Inc. IP Address for the modem and your computer 1. If upgrading a or you just need the cumulative and the image.

Reply 18 – Jan 23 rdat 6: Learn more Additional Software Evolution 3. The portfolio features multiple form factors, idirevt desktops, rack-mounts, outdoor units and router boards.

Also, where in the world are you? Find the satellite by swinging boldly in azimuth. Open your iSite software Note: We are VNO for Intelsat.

If you have chosen a network operator to deliver services to you, and your operator can not make these items available, then you have made a mistake and you need to select a more experienced network operator.


The software features and hardware increase hub scalability and reduce total cost of ownership. Ixite still, if you have a spectrum analyser connect to the Rx out on the back of the NM and see if you can see any spectrum.

Controlling the iDirect Modem

Reply 13 – Jan 22 ndat Emergency Relief Leverage satellite communications to provide life-saving services Learn more. To align your dish: The survey is short and should take you only minutes to complete. After reset the modem the following lights should be green Status, RX, TX once the unit locks to the network the Net light will go green on the iaite of the unit and the rear.

Stop the compression test when directed by the provider, then power the modem then re-power with TX and TX cables connected. Reply 2 – Sep 20 that 5: Also, check that you have the LNB parameters set correctly in the idircet file.