IPC-AE Acceptability of Electronic. Assemblies. Developed by the IPC- A development team including Task Group. (b), Task Group Asia. AE training for through hole and surface mount solder joint acceptance standards inspection from IPC, a trade association for the electronics industry. IPC AF PDF – Download the latest revision of the most widely used electronics assembly standard in the world.

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IPC maintains additional offices in Taos, N. You may have lots of different quetions. Inthe organization formally changed its name to IPC with the accompanying tagline, Association Connecting Electronics Industries.

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IPC Standard Trainings and Certification

Do not hesitate to contact us. The requirements for all three classes of construction are included. IPCthe Association Connecting Electronics Industriesis a trade association whose aim is to standardize the assembly and production requirements of electronic equipment and assemblies.

In addition, the standard has been revamped for ease of use and clarity. Figures 17,18,19, component terminations, Figure 20, shield termination, Figure 21, wire termination.

IPC-A-610E: Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies

Who is useful for? Getting Started Make a hard copy print out of the following page It will help you identify the proper components Place. These solder connections are acceptable. Sections have been reorganized so data and images are easier to find and to make it easier to use.


Retrieved 5 January It provides for your operators, inspectors, and engineers the most current industry consensus information. This four-color document provides photographs and illustrations of the target, acceptable and nonconforming conditions that are either internally or externally observable on bare printed boards. Revision E has photos and illustrations of acceptability criteria of them new or updated. A must for all quality assurance and assembly departments, IPC-AE illustrates industry-accepted workmanship criteria for electronics assemblies.

Experiments jpc Solder Column Interposer: It incorporates many important requirements in areas such as selection for procurement, surface finishes, hole plating thickness, measling, weave exposure, copper cap plating of filled holes, laminate cracks and voids, etchback, blind and buried via fill, acceptance testing and frequency, and requirements for thermal stress testing.

This revision has been critically reviewed for clarity and accuracy. Views Read Edit View history.

IPC Media Training and Certification for Electronics Assembly

See More See Less. The D revision issued now contains many updates.

You can use the IPC ipd well, if you get to know their basic principles, structure, content, and are familiar with them to find what you need quickly. Solder splashes on the metalized surfaces may be acceptable if the extended electrical performance is not required or compromised.


IPC-A is 6110e most widely used electronics assembly standard in the world. The E revision contains new or updated illustrations, bringing the total to more than Javascript is disabled on your browser.

Line workers, operators, inspectors and buyers, as well as process and quality engineers and management in printed circuit board assembly. There are new sections on depanelization, board in board, package on package, and flex attachment, which Jack Crawford, IPC director of certification, calls “high interest topics. IPC J-STDE provides material and process requirements for producing soldered electrical and electronic assemblies, aiding those who set up manufacturing processes. Its name was later changed to the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits to highlight the expansion from bare boards to packaging and electronic assemblies.

Translations of the revised standard in multiple languages will be released in the coming months. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. BannockburnIllinois United States.