Find great deals for Intermatic CA InTouch Wireless Multi-volt vac Contactor Module. Shop with confidence on eBay!. How to wire Intermatic CA 30 amp Z-wave remote contactor. 10 year warranty through 30 amp x 80% = 24 amp safe maximum 25 amp motor. Intermatic CA 2 channel z-wave contactor volt zwave contactor 40 amp 2 channel operation means contactor can be set for SPST so both.

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Intermatic CA 2 channel z-wave contactor volt zwave contactor 40 amp 2 channel operation means contactor can be set for SPST so both relays turn on-off same time, or DPST where each relay can be operated separately Buy: CA GE zwave contactor Zwave hubs.

Run jumper wire between terminals 1 and 3. Connect volt 3 Hp motor to terminal 4 and terminal 2 Connect volt Hot wire to terminal 5. Connect volt light to terminal 6 and to Neutral. This wiring lets you operate 2 different loads, with 2 different voltages, each with different amperages.

Do not connect 20 amp load to 30 amp wires. Always match breaker size and wire. Match breaker and wire size and volt are not found in residential homes, and instead found in commercial building depending on intematic type of electric service specified. GE Z-wave contactor 1 channel, with antenna and newer architecture than CA va3750 channel mean both relays turn on-off at same time.

SmartThings Hub Zwave requires a hub Use phone to control pool and spa equipment, irrigation system, Buy: Two loads, each same voltage Same wiring applies to volt. GE z-wave Intedmatic automatically detects voltage Wire color can be red-black or white-black or black-black etc Wire color does not matter. Add black tape near end of white wire when white wire carries voltage. GE z-wave contactor Resources: Up to watt residential non-simultaneous each water heater can be controlled by 30 amp breaker and 30 amp CA Typical residential water heater is watt non-simultaneous.

Locate fused cut-off or no-fusable cut-off next to ZW or short reach away. Purpose to protect anyone working on electricity outside Connect these to lower terminals on cut off. Ca370 ground wires to ground screw. Check that screws are very tight against copper wire. Move safety switch lever up-and-down to turn power on-off. Non-fusable means there is intefmatic breaker or fuse inside the cut-off box.

Non fusable is manually-operated on-off switch for safety.

Intermatic InTouch CA3750 Contactor Module

When is fusable cut off required? How to wire safety switch How to wire subpanel How to change subpanel from V to V. Control volt with wi-fi switch Volt Z-wave switch Requires Neutral wire.


Use ground wire as temporary neutral to check connection. Bring white neutral wire from any nearby light switch or outlet box Buy: Image of PE interjatic. Older iintermatic remote control does not work with z-wave PE series is made to work in swimming pool environment, with low voltage compartment for switching off 24 volt swimming pool light, and control pool pump and spa aerator and interface with freeze control etc Buy: X10 relay for resistive loads Relay handles resistive load only: Water heater, incandescent infermatic bulb Insteon load controller manual.

Use any z-wave or X10 module in place of timer located on top of gas water heater timer Resource: Remote control for gas water heater. Choose location Test intermwtic before installation. Inductive loads such as motors, blowers can interfere with Z-wave.

Resistive loads such as light bulbs, heating elements do not interfere with Z-wave. Z-wave is a radio wave. Each country has a specific radio frequency or band of the spectrum allocated for z-wave products. America’s use a different band than Europe, etc.

How to wire CA z-wave contactor + Zwave basics

Or locate ZW in clear view of other nodes in the network. Max 4 nodes between controller and ZW Do not install GE ZW near motor, air conditioner, furnace or other inductive source of interference. Do not install with metal or aluminum between GE ZW and controller.

Signal will travel through walls and floors. Clear sight-line with controller allows ‘ distance. Several walls reduce distance to feet. Brick walls reduce distance more than plaster wall.

Z-wave signal is not as strong as in-home wi-fi signal, for example. Adding several nodes to network helps since each node communicates with other nodes in the network. Z-wave signal travels outward degrees in all directions like a rock making ripples in a pond. Obstructions and distance weaken the signal. Metals can stop the signal, making a dead spot. Sending signal horizontally through several joists or rafters can block the signal. Always test network capability before installation.

Enclosure Install enclosure directly to structure using screws. GE contactor has Nema 3R metal enclosure that can be used indoor-or-outdoor, and can be exposed to rain, but is not moisture-proof, and not humidity-proof, and cannot be under water.

Install at least 12″ above anticipated snowfall. Do not work on contactor unless power is off. Keep enclosure door closed to prevent hazard. Some outdoor installations, such as metal enclosures, solar panels and pool equipment are required by code to have separate direct bond to nearby ground rod in addition to ground wire to main panel. This for safety and to help suppress surge events.


Outdoor motors must absolutely be grounded. Why you need ground wire. When power is connected to terminals 1 and 2, this supplies power to operate z-wave receiver, circuit board and both relays. Use hammer and screwdriver and pliers to remove knockouts to run wire into enclosure. Always use wire connectors to fasten electric cable to enclosure.

Electric cables must be tightly secured to enclosure. Figure correct wire and breaker. Load rating Contact Ratings: Use 10 gauge wire Range 50′ indoor, ‘ outdoor. Inductive loads pull many amps during start up. CA is rated for resistive and inductive. Unknown if CA works with this power source. Large arc when switching high voltage DC is fire hazard.

Device must show DC rating. CA is not rated for DC.

Turn breaker fully off and then fully on. Americas use 60 Hz power, while other countries use 50Hz. GE contactor is single phase. All household wiring is single phase, meaning two wires are needed to complete any electric circuit.

Single-phase circuits can be turned on-off by switching off 1 wire or 2 wires. Z-wave basics a More devices result in more routes for communication. Zwave is mesh network.

Maximum devices in a network. Each device has a unique Node id that is assigned by the controller during inclusion.

When controller sends signal to a device node, the signal can be passed from one device to the next device to find best route. There can be more than one controller, but generally only 1 controller is the master controller. Z-wave is designed for home-use products. Each Z-wave product is tested to ensure it will communicate with all Z-wave-compatible controllers and devices.

All controllers generally find best route to the GE contactor.

If the GE contactor is out of range, then controller can use maximum 4 other device nodes to repeat signal until it reaches contactor. All Z-wave controllers will re-try signal 3 times if communication fails, then search for 2 alternative routes, and try each new route 3 times C3a750 all attempts fail, then controller indicates failure. If communication is successful, controller will indicate success.

Steel and other structure can reduce or block signal.