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Otherwise, the BS automatically uses the parameters saved in the configuration data and may break away from the management of the M Therefore, different AMC outer- loop thresholds are used.

DBS WiMAX Feature Configuration Guide | Panku Singh –

Power control and AMC can be used together to raise the system average throughput and transmission quality. The detailed configuration is related to the network segment information of the subnetwork served by the relay server and the IP address of the destination DHCP server.

Yes but not free Package information: Handover Processes An entire handover consists of the following processes: Closed-loop power control is further classified into inner-loop power control and outer- loop power control. Therefore, when transmitting BE service flows, the SS cannot relay on transmission opportunities offered by unicast polls. Wide frequency band availability simplifies network deployment and allows the system to adapt to various frequency policies with higher flexibility.

The QoS transmission control involves the transmission differentiated service, transmission admission control, and transmission overload control.

Original HUAWEI DBS3900 GSM Base Station IEEE 802.16e CE

Paging Cycle A period in which a dbs33900 process is completed through broadcasting of paging messages. When the uplink signal is poor, the MCS is lowered or the transmit power of the MS is raised to ensure correct signal demodulation on the uplink.


With this feature, local software commissioning is not necessary during site deployment. Up to 24 carriers per cell; up to 36 carriers per site Maximum configuration: Your message has been sent to the following suppliers. If the parameter is set to fixed, the size of the SDU needs to be set. The message carries the list of target BSs, and the MS can identify the measured values of the target BSs according to the indicator bits.

DBS3900 Distributed Base Stations

Paging Agent A functional entity incorporated on the BS. In the scenario of LOS, no diversity gain can be obtained. Your email address is incorrect! Related Parameters Table lists the parameters related to the automatic discovery feature.

When the system load becomes normal, the system congestion is automatically and quickly cleared. The user manages the BS in remote mode and performs software commissioning through the M Idle Mode Exiting Before the Timer Expires Figure shows the idle mode exiting process before the management resource holding timer expires.

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It supports open loop and closed loop power control to minimize fading effects and huswei, thus improving transmission quality. The following information is displayed: Emerson communication power supply products. Italic Book titles are in italics. Meanwhile, different signals are transmitted in different timeslots by the same antenna, and therefore receive diversity can be implemented at the receiver.

If the value of this parameter is too large, the scheduling priority is lowered, and the transmission rate is reduced.

The HARQ feature is a hybrid ARQ solution that enables retransmission of error data to decrease the impact of error bits on ongoing services. Choose product to compare. PCs can be categorized into two types: In this mode, all the BSs uses the same frequency point. Purpose The automatic discovery feature effectively simplifies local maintenance of the BSs. Moreover, our firm enjoys good reputation among customers in China and overseas.


In this mode, co-channel interference between BTSs is avoided, and the throughput of each sector and the entire network is guaranteed.

Convention Description Boldface Buttons, menus, parameters, tabs, window, and dialog titles are in boldface. Paging Group A logical group composed by multiple BSs.

After receiving the CINRs reported by the MS, the BS decides whether they exceed the threshold for switching from all the sub-carriers to one-third of the sub-carriers. QoS is an end-to-end processing mechanism used to guarantee the quality of communication services.

If the value of this parameter is too large or too small, calculation is performed during the actual process of establishing the service flow according to the resource management algorithm, and the calculation result determines whether the service flow can be successfully established.

The result is used during the network entry negotiation of the MS. Paging Controller A function entity that implements the idle mode feature. Generally, uplink inner-loop power control is used together with AMC. There are four user priorities: This type of power control, however, is not precise. System will be exit!. If any error bit fails to be corrected, the receiver sends a packet requesting retransmission from the transmitter.

In this way, the receiving diversity can increase by 3 dB to enhance the system coverage. The switching between Matrix A and Matrix B is performed automatically. Table lists the network elements involved. Figure shows the transmission huawfi.