Although Hakko Ryu Jujutsu was founded in , it inherits a century-old legacy of classical bujutsu (warrior arts) used by the samurai of feudal Japan. Hakko. Hakko Denshin Ryu Jujutsu! We teach Adults and Youth of all ages. We practice the true meaning of self-defense and prevention under “Soke” Menkyo. Hakko Ryu is based on a philosophical view of the color spectrum as being divided into nine bands of light. The eighth shade is infrared, which is invisible to the.

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Once a disciple can grasp and unconsciously practice this concept, progress becomes rapid. Hkko is, when one encounters violence, it can be said that Hakkoryu provides natural, simple, and practical methods that enable one to calmly face imminent peril and move on without hesitation to capture and punish assailants reasonably and easily in an instant. The chemical reaction cure is quite similar to the simple rubbing of a bruised area.

The jujutsu system’s emphasis is placed on pressure points and manipulation of gyu opponent’s body through both the skeletal structure and the body’s meridians; this helps give Hakko-ryu its trademark of appearing weak but being powerful in application. Also, you may contact the Hakkoryu Representatives outside Japan here. He sent me an 8mm film, the students were bowing from seiza and he appeared in a hakama, just as I taught him.

Overview and History of Hakkoryu Jujutsu – Hakkoryu Jujutsu

Were you asked to teach the Self Defense Forces? Christopher Li — Honolulu, HI. Morihei Ueshiba to Sokaku. There are two primary techniques used to examine a patient: When I became interested in what happens with a weapon in the hand I studied Jodo, and I studied Taijiquan because the techniques were effective at the moment of contact. During one’s training, tensing and the use of power are discouraged in favor of suppleness and flexibility.

Because he was such a busy person I would work as the Shihan-dai at the dojo on Friday evenings and Saturday. In any case, when I heard of a good instructor I would go learn from them, no matter where they were. More information can be found here. Shodai Soke passed away in November of In his childhood the man was struck down with polio and became unable to move. In Hitachi City in Ibaraki Prefecture. What kind of students did you have at the branch dojo?


Imperial Finger Pressure Therapy. Overview Of Hakkoryu Jujutsu Hakkoryu Jujutsu is a Japanese system of self-protection and a traditional medical therapy using finger pressure called Koho Shiatsu. During the two breaths, each of the pulse points must register 8 to 9 beats if the patient is in good health.

You became acquainted with Kotaro Yoshida Sensei through an introduction from Tsunejiro Hosono Sensei, how did that come about? This is the second part of an excerpt from an interview in Japanese with Hidemine Jibiki, in which he discusses his experiences in Daito-ryu with Tsunejiro Hosono Sensei and Kotaro Yoshida Sensei, including some anecdotes of Daito-ryu Chuku-no-so Sokaku Takeda.

The eighth shade is infrared, which is invisible to the naked eye but extremely powerful, as are Hakko Ryu techniques. Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. Are there some points that all of them held in common?

N estled along a back street in a town one hour northwest of Tokyo by train, is a dojo unique in modern Japan.

Hidemine Jibiki – Hakko-ryu, Daito-ryu Aiki-Budo, and “The Road to Softness”, Part 2

We were taught not ryyu tread on the seam of the tatami in order to avoid hidden swords, and not to open sliding screens suddenly. The number eight in Japan also has associated with it numerous philosophical and religious meanings that are beyond the scope of this brief introduction.

It was a Bujutsu that originated in Kenjutsu. If a lightweight and a heavyweight were paired together there would be nothing to show. Open-hand strikes, particularly the knife haklo Tegatanathumb drive Oya Yubi Kenindex knuckle strike Hitosashi Yubi Ippon Kenand the middle knuckle strike Naka Yubi Ippon Ken are fundamental methods of Atemi in Hakko Ryu for their ability to pierce the vital points of the body.


When it came to technique he was a professional Budo-ka.

Many of Hakko Ryu’s control techniques do not involve an unnatural twisting of the joints, but rather a bending of the joints in a natural direction, which requires less strength, is much more difficult to resist physically, and results in a sharp piercing pain.

The original set of advanced instruction is for the title of Shihan Master Instructorand as with all advanced training in Hakkoryu, is taught personally by Nidai Soke. The Hakko-ryu Kobujuku burned down during the bombing of Tokyo. Archived from the original on June 5, From the outside it looks as if the student is walking in front and the officer is following along behind.

A thorough grounding in Omote surface techniques is required of all ryu disciples. This marked the beginning of the split from Daito-ryu, as by this time Takeda was very old and his son Tokimune was still very young. Ushiro Zeme Otoshi Kasa Waza. Was there a wide variety of weapons? The mere practice that results in the wearing out of practice uniforms does not give birth to the kind of self-protection arts that will be helpful at such critical times.

What kinds of stories? Are there people who come to study that are attracted to MMA? Hakko Ryu does not teach specific techniques and defenses for a myriad of possible attacks, but instead teaches a mastery of the “Gensoku” principles upon which the techniques are based.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thus, body weight may be easily focused at various points during the execution of techniques.

Hakko Ryu in a Japanese term can be translated as “The Style of the Eighth Ryy or specifically “eighth light school. While Hakko-ryu techniques are closely related to Daito-ryu, it is the influence of Oriental medicine [8] [9] and a strict moral code that distinguishes the style. A change in mindset Q: