For complete information on a command’s capabilities and restrictions, see the man page. Man pages for PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX® commands are. Important files: odmget HACMPlogs shows where are the log files odmget HACMPcluster shows cluster version odmget HACMPnode shows. There is no specific command to get the PowerHA version. However, the version of the fileset actually reflects the PowerHA.

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Describe the features of Oracle Database 12c.

External Table Enhancements in 12c. How to change cluster definitions name to dcmds and id to 2. Restore your mistakenly deleted files in Describe the types of subqueries. How to list the details of network ether1.

How to find out the name of the local node. Guestbook Sign our guestbook Contact Get in touch with the authors Archive All unixwerk articles since How to list the shared file systems in the resource group sapRG. How to list the runtime parameters for the node node1. How to do graceful shutdown immediately with takeover.


Anonymous 16 April at Cluster rsh program that take cluster node names as argument. Partitioning Enhancements in 12c. Part 3 Optimizing AIX 7 performance: X utility for cluster configuration.

You could also use a map file to tell the command how to setup your LV: Use ampersand substitution to restrict and sort output at runtime. How to list the logs. How to do the mock sync of topology. Describe various types of conversion functions that are available in SQL. How to locate the resource groups and display their status. Similar to cldump, perl script to show cluster state.

PowerHA SystemMirror commands

Again a reference node has to be specified. How to show resource information by resource group.

How to sync commandw cluster topology. PP2 First put in all mappings for mirror copy 1, then add all mapping for mirror copy 2. How to list the info about the cluster nodes. How to locate the resource groups comands display status -s.


How to start cluster daemons options in that order: SNMP-based tool to show cluster state. X utility for cluster status. How to create a large snapshot of the hacmp configuration. Move a data file online. However, many administrators grabbed them from SMIT via F6 and use them directly from the command line for daily business.

How to show info about ether network module. This brought us a new command: How to list all cluster networks.

HACMP: Cluster Commandline

Sort the rows that are retrieved by a query. Partitioned Tables And Indexes 9i. Using Flashback and Logminer. There’s a very nice page about AIX cluster. How to change the cluster node name node5 to node3. So be sure you work on the right node!