Category:Geoffrey of Monmouth . arwiki جيفري مونماوث; astwiki Godofredo de Monmouth; be_x_oldwiki Гальфрыд Монмуцкі; bewiki Гальфрыд Монмуцкі. may not be thought to be the poor offspring of Geoffrey of Monmouth, but when polished by .. Sic de prole tua reges nascentur: et ipsis. Totius terrae subditus. Godofredo de Monmouth o Geoffrey de Monmouth fue un clérigo escritor y uno de los principales personajes en el desarrollo de la materia de Bretaña y.

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The remainder are obscure. Two hundred and fifteen medieval manuscripts of the Historia survive, dozens of them copied before the end of goddofredo 12th century. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In doing so, Geoffrey exercised considerable editorial control, massaging the information and smoothing out apparent inconsistencies in order to create a single grand narrative.

Retrieved from ” https: It continues to have an influence on popular culture, e. Dunvallo’s sons, Godotredo and Brennius gocofredo, fight a civil war before being reconciled by their mother, and proceed to sack Rome.

Dunvallo Molmutiusthe son of Cloten, the King ,onmouth Cornwall, becomes pre-eminent. Much of the information that he used can be shown to be derived from two discrete sources, the first being the orally transmitted, heroic tales of the Catuvellauni and Trinovantestwo essentially pro-Roman tribes inhabiting central south-eastern Britain at the very end of the Iron Age; the second being the king-lists of important post-Roman dynasties ruling territories in western Britain.

Galfridus Monemutensis, Galfridus ArturusWelsh: The third work attributed to Geoffrey is the hexameter poem Vita Merlini “Life of Merlin”based more closely on traditional material about Merlin than the other works. Vortigern invites the Saxons under Hengist and Horsa to fight for him as mercenaries, but they rise against him. Constantine’s remaining sons Aurelius Ambrosius and Uther are too young to rule and are monmoth to safety in Amorica.


Batalla de Camlann

They are both assisted by the wizard Merlin. Robert, earl of Gloucester and Waleran, count of Meulan. Dictionary of National Biography — He is said to have “established the so-called Molmutine Laws which godofredl still famous today among the English”.

Aganippus raises a Gaulish army for Leir, who returns to Britain, defeats his sons-in-law and regains the kingdom. Welsh cleric and historiographer. In an exchange of manuscript material for their own histories, Robert of Torigny gave Henry of Huntington a copy of Historia Regum Britanniaewhich both Robert and Henry used uncritically as authentic history and subsequently used in their own works, [8] by which means some of Geoffrey’s fictions became embedded in popular history.

Bibliographical Note to History of the Kings of Britain. Geoffrey claims to have translated “a very ancient book in the British tongue” into Latin. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The story is set long after the timeframe of the History’ s Merlin, but the author tries to synchronise the works with references to the mad prophet’s previous dealings with Vortigern and Arthur.

Wikivoyage 0 entries edit. His major work was The History of the Kings of Britainthe work best known to modern readers. Wikisource 4 entries edit. Views Read Edit View history. In the second quarter of the 13th century, a version in Latin verse, the Gesta Regum Britanniaewas produced by William of Rennes. The variant title Historia regum Britaniae was introduced in the Middle Ages, and this became the most common form in the modern period.


His great-grandson Brutus is yodofredo, and, after a period of wandering, is directed by the goddess Diana to settle on an island in the western ocean.

The history of the Kings of Britain. He loses control of much of his land and encounters Merlin. He eventually defeats the other kings and establishes his rule over the whole island.

Geoffrey was born between about and[3] [4] [5] [6] in Wales or the Welsh Marches. Claudius returns to Rome, leaving the province under Arviragus’s governorship. Wiktionary 0 entries edit. However an angel’s voice tells him the Britons will no longer rule and he should go to Rome. Library of Congress authority ID. Sometimes said to be the earliest reference to love as an ennobling influence.

Cadwallader does so, dying there, though leaves his son and nephew to rule the remaining Britons.

Geoffrey de Monmouth – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Your answer to her must be, Drinc heil! When Octavius passes the crown to his son-in-law Maximianus, his nephew Conan Meriadoc is given rule of Brittany to compensate him for not succeeding. Roberto Clemente 20 –