b) In glycolysis fructosephosphate is an aldol so once phosphorylated to fructosebisphosphate cannot be split by the aldol reaction into an aldehyde and. In a eukaryotic cell, the enzymes of glycolysis are located in the For each molecule of glucose converted to pyruvate in the glycolytic pathway __ molecules of. This is the biochemistry questions and answers section on “Glycolysis” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved.

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The splitting of glucose b. The splitting of glucose to form an end product of two molecules cmq pyruvate c. The breakdown of glucose d. The regeneration of glucose.

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So im gonna use this blog to share my nerd-iest thoughts and introduce you to the wonderful world of science! This blog entails the trials and tribulations of learnings obtained from a first year university level Biochemistry course. My blog is about Biochemistry and it gives an insight into the biochemical compounds and processes essential for life. Biochemistry is the study of carbon compounds that crawl.

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March 24, in Uncategorized Tags: The regeneration of glucose 2 How many reversible reactions are there in glycolysis? Pyruvate kinase 8 What enzyme is used to catalyze the first primary reaction? Pyruvate kinase 9 The enzyme Phosphohexose isomerase is used to catalyze what reaction?

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Glycolysis Multiple Choice Questions

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