Exhaust Pipe Venting Information . Manual reset switches are factory installed on burner box. after unit lockout, eliminating nuisance calls for service. Repair Parts List. 69 Refer to Engineering Handbook for additional information. **Consider . G61MPV units are CSA International certified to ANSI. Z Installation and service must be per- formed by a information, consult material safety data sheets available shut off the manual gas valve to the furnace before shutting off . G61MPV units are equipped with a SureLight® ignition sys- tem.

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When excess heat is sensed in the blower compartment, the limit will open.

Service Manuals | Engineering Documents | Commercial HVAC | Lennox Commercial

The control also has two accessory terminals rated at 1 one amp each. Remove Bolts and Wiring Jackplugs. To manually reset a tripped switch, push the reset button located on the control. Dip Switch Settings operation during the cooling mode.

Service Literature

Wait 5 minutes for internal capacitors to fully discharge. A choke coil is used on G61MPV 5 ton 1 hp units. Always check the vent system and remove any snow or ice that may be obstructing the plastic intake or exhaust pipes.

Do not exit one through the roof and one on the side. It is available all gas valves both internal and external to unit to guaran- through Lennox under part number 31B Do not overtighten the hose clamp. Switch line and neutral. Lennox hearth user’s information manual gas furnace g60uhv x 6 pages.


Servoce unit is shipped from the factory with the dip switches positioned for high speed 4 indoor blower motor operation during the cooling mode.

Secure all joints so that they are gas-tight using approved cement. Page of Go.

G61MPV units are equipped with a hot surface ignition system. Exhaust piping must terminate straight out or up as shown.

G61MPV Service Literature G61MPV SERIES UNITS

Reconnect drain tubing to infor,ation box. In addition there is a 24 volt accessory terminal located on TB1. Kitchen detergents can cause harmful corrosion on various metals used in gas piping. The table below pro- vides the cooling mode serivce speeds that will result from Heating Operation DIP Switch Settings different switch settings.

Refer to the changeover kit installation instruction for the conversion procedure. Use recommended piping materials for exhaust piping. Y2 Call for humidity removal during 2nd stage thermostat demand Y2 Y2 Humidity level rises slightly 1 above setpoint.

G61MPV Service Literature G61MPV SERIES UNITS |

On field supplied terminations, a minimum distance between the end of the exhaust pipe and the end of the intake pipe without a termination elbow is 8″ and a minimum distance of 6″ with a termination elbow. Correctly insert connector into control.

Hammer blows should not be used when inserting pipe. The longer the pulse, the faster the motor. A pressure hose is connected from the burner box to the serfice valve. The limit automatically resets when unit temperature returns to normal.


Remove condensate trap it may be necessary to cut drain pipe. This amount of power is used for cycles. The furnace will stay in this mode until first stage demand is satisfied OR a second stage heat demand is initiated. Clean assembly as outlined in instruction manual.

DANGER Disconnect power from unit and wait at least five minutes to allow capacitors to discharge before attempting to adjust motor speed tap settings. This pressure should exceed the set point listed on the switch. In some applications which permit the use of several different sizes of vent pipe, a combination vent pipe may be used. When pressure testing gas lines, the gas valve must be disconnected and isolated.

The table below provides the blower off timings that will result from different switch settings. Remove four screws which secure combustion air inducer to collector box. Check to make sure that these items are in place before installing the trap assembly.