Most pediatric dentists in the United. Kingdom and North America1,2 use formocresol pulpotomy for vital pri- mary pulp therapy. In the United Kingdom. Permanent teeth with necrotic pulps can be treated with the same procedure that is used for the treatment of similarly involved deciduous molars—a two-step. Formocresol pulpotomy Formocresol was introduced in by Buckley, who contended that equal parts of formalin and tricresol.

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Mineral trioxide aggregate versus calcium hydroxide for pulpotomy in primary molars.

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. This paper reviews the history, clinical success and concerns regarding the safety of formocresol as a primary molar pulpotomy medicament.

YAG lasers on dental pulp tissue. Calcium phosphate cement as an alternative for formocresol in primary teeth pulpotomies. Success rate of formocresol pulpotony versus mineral trioxide aggregate in human primary molar tooth.

Electrosurgical pulpotomy–A 6-month study in primates. Indian J Dent Res ; It was advocated that CH could stimulate the healing process only in healthy pulp.

Environmental health criteria Although the radiographic failure rates of these two groups were similar, further clinical failure of radiographic pathologic findings was more common in the CH. Reviewing pulp treatment for primary teeth.


Formocresol and calcium hydroxide therapy. During 30 months of follow-up at 6-month intervals, clinical and radiographic success and failures were recorded. J Clin Pediatr Dent ; The clinical and radiographic success rates of the pulpotomy agents were compared using a Chi-square test for each follow-up period.

Evaluation of formocresol, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, and MTA primary molar pulpotomies

A total of primary molars with deep caries were treated with four different pulpotomy medicaments FC: The criteria for tooth selection for inclusion were no clinical and radiographic evidence formofresol pulp pathology. As in many articles,[ 101516 ] IR was regarded as a failure in this study. Pulpal therapy in primary molar teeth: The cavity was flushed with water by an air-water syringe and gently dried. Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer.

Evaluation of formocresol, calcium hydroxide, ferric sulfate, and MTA primary molar pulpotomies

The effects of glutaraldehyde on primary pulp tissue following coronal amputation: Esma Yildiz 1 and Gul Tosun 2. In the CH, five teeth showed IR at 6 months. This article has been cited by. This study was performed on 44 boys and 44 girls, a total of 88 children aged between years old. Eur J Pediatr Dent ;3: At 18 months, one additional tooth failed due to furcation and periapical radiolucency. An in vivo study.


Before the clinical and radiographic examinations of the pulpotomies, restorations of pulpotomized primary molar teeth evaluations were carried out at control sessions. A comparative study and evaluation of formocresol and glutaraldehyde pulpotomies on primary molars PhD Thesis. Integrated risk information system: Mineral trioxide aggregate vs.

Restorative techniques in paediatric dentistry. Formocresol versus electrosurgical pulpotomy.

However, three of five teeth were unsuccessful in the CH during radiographic observation, and showed clinical symptoms at later periods. J Res Med Sci ;6: Table 1 Distribution of the success and failure rates of teeth according to type of molar, resorption degree, and age.

Agreement between clinical and histologic findings in chronic coronal pulpitis in primary teeth.

An in vitro study. The effect of pulpotomy using CO2 and Nd: