Dynon Avionics’ D10/D Series Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) are glass cockpit avionics that integrate all flight parameters into one optimized. DYNON AVIONICS EFIS-D10A The flight data are all ergonomically arranged onto a single, bright sunlight readable, color liquid crystal display to optimize. Dynon’s EFIS-D10A fits into a standard /8″ panel hole, making it an ideal candidate for replacing vacuum and electric attitude indicators. This innovative.

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Eligible Dynon products are currently available from Dynon and its dealers. Over 15, experimental and LSA aircraft already fly with Dynon glass panel products.

The recently-updated approved model list now covers many Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Grumman, Mooney, and Maule models.

Dynon Avionics EFIS-D10A and EFIS-D | Now STC Approved for Type Certificated Aircraft

Dynon’s remote compass module permits magnetic heading to be sensed in an area of the aircraft where magnetic interference is minimal. The AOA capability assists pilots on approaches and generates an alert signal for audible annunciation whenever nearing stall conditions.

D10 Series Flush Mount Bracket: This pitot is available in heated and non-heated versions. Both displays have onboard backup batteries.


Please, log in or register. With the optional OAT probe, a winds aloft arrow and wind speed is displayed on the lower corner of the display.

Be the first to review this product. Since the D10A is 4. The FAA efjs each STC for the sole purpose of replacing the ecis gyro even though both instruments bring far more functionality to the table. This modular concept promotes greater flexibility when configuring new aircraft panel systems and facilitates future expansion if so desired.


BendixKing also announced the KI, an electronic replacement for its aging and maintenance-intensive analog KI flight director gyro. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. But what if you wanted to buy a pair of G5s or D10As and place them side-by-side in the panel and ditch the airspeed and altimeter dfis

You may, however, use a new panel to change the spacing to accommodate the EFIS. Account Support Center Log In. We asked Garmin why and they told us the additional cost comes from the STC certification process.

All I want is an attitude indicator.

Unlike mechanical gyros, Dynon’s rugged design is tolerant to aggressive flight maneuvers, automatically corrects itself anytime its gyros’ capabilities are exceeded and cannot be damaged by aerobatics or unusual attitudes. Provides progressive audible approach-to-stall alert.

Dynon EFIS DA Electronic Flight Information System – Chief Aircraft Inc.

Dynon Remote Compass Dynon’s remote compass module permits magnetic heading to be sensed in an area of the eis where magnetic interference is minimal. When linked via DSAB, pages displayed on one instrument may be shared for display on other Dynon instruments.

Bust the altitude by feet and the selected altitude data box changes to yellow text against a black background. That means using those backup flight instruments that the STC says need to stay in the panel.

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The attitude-sensing platform uses modern MEMS rate sensors and accelerometers. When passing within and again at feet of a selected altitude, the set value flashes for five seconds. First, the Garmin G5.

As good as we d10z these displays are with Garmin having the modern advantageeach instrument is jampacked with bits of data that can be a struggle for d10x eyes.

Provides progressive audible approach-to-stall alert. As for user feature set, Garmin keeps the menu structure shallow and only displays the G5 data in a single PFD format.

When a count-down or count-up timer is enabled, it is displayed in place of the clock until the timer is stopped. With a 7-inch diagonal color LCD screen and a front bezel that measures 6.

Dynon says the instrument can provide an accurate attitude—even in the event of airspeed loss due to icing or other blockage —because of its redundant GPS assist function. All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy.

Only registered users can write reviews. Contact us Support Center Orders and Returns. What is the GPS for?

Listing: EFIS-D10A

The roll scale has tic marks at 10, 20, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees of roll. AP74 Flush Mount Bracket: The OAT sensor comes with 10′ of cable. This two wire connection not only simplifies wiring but can extend individual module benefits to multiple interconnected Dynon instruments.