Home · Dixell products · Heat pump/chiller. ICCX ICCX Manual. Dimensions w x h x l: 0 x 0 x 0 mm. Weight net: kg. Power supply: 24 . ICCX, Thermometers, Thermostats, Electronic Controllers for air conditioning, industrial and commercial refrigeration and catering markets. Controller ICCX RTC NTC mA Dixell in Regulation & electronics, Special controls, Dixell.

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Controller ICCX RTC NTC 12V Dixell, ,74 €

Full – function parallel unit controller. R22 Medium and high temperature scroll air-cooled condensing unit Open air outlet from side scroll ZB series. Dixell thermostat Italy electronic display controller for baking, barbecue and other kitchen equipment heating; chiller, cold storage, freezer, heat pump and other equipment defrost refrigeration.

Regulation restart with door open alarm. Electronic refrigeration system temperature controller DIN rail-type. Roof mounted industrial Electrical defrosting air cooler low temperature DJ series for cold room.

Conderser temperature management to prevent critical plant situations. Ceiling Mount Electrical defrosting air cooler high temperature type DL series keep fresh egg. Frozen and deep cold areas of electronic temperature control. Digital Dixell controller for N.


Plastic front frame with “cut out” “WING” compatible. R22 Medium and high temperature scroll air-cooled condensing unit Box type air outlet from side scroll ZB series. One-way fan dixlel controller. Regulation stop through auxiliary probe.


These control products can be integrated and remotely monitored via web-based XCENTER, a monitoring software that can be installed in a PC or remote monitoring station. Display with red LED 10,5mm high and icons. Serial line connection to monitoring systems. Up to 2 light switches. Energy saving cycles through digital input. dixel,

Controller IC121CX RTC NTC 12V Dixell

Easy and intuitive programming mode. Digital Dixell controller for M. If you have skype or whatsapp, pls tell me, we can chat more smoothly. HACCP standard electronic temperature controller.

Compressor control; all levels of control; equipment control; food safety controller; Ipro wizard; Prime controller. Fast freezing with dedicated set point.

Main technical parameters of Dixell dixlel controller. Display with icons and integrated measurement units.


Air conditioning chillers and heat pump controller. RA Box type air outlet from side Medium and high temperature scroll air-cooled condensing unit scroll ZB series.

IC Series : Compressor Controllers

Refrigerated vehicle electronic temperature controller. Configurable digital input also as probe. Carton box Delivery Time: Dixell elf thermostat Italy Dixell elf.

Multiple compressors in parallel controller. Network-based electronic temperature controller DIN rail-type. These control products are manufactured in Italy and can be used in gas stations, warehousing centers, supermarkets, supermarkets, factories and enterprises. Hot key connector for a quick and easy programming. China Good Quality Box type condenser Supplier.

Fermentation machine, laboratory humidity control; compressor unit, Ic211cx unit pressure control; logistics industry data records, remote centralized control. Thermostatic Expansion Valves flow direction: Innovative digital controllers dedicated to heat and M.