This Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales. The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. The Highway Code for Northern Ireland is also referred to as The Highway Code or the Code. It is essential reading for everyone who uses roads in Northern. The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone who uses roads in Northern Ireland.

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Warning, regulatory and speed limit signs How the signing system works and examples of the main sign types. All mirrors should be used effectively throughout your journey. At double mini-roundabouts treat each roundabout separately and give way to traffic from the right.

Signs with red circles are mostly prohibitive. Is this page useful? When taking an exit to the right or going full circle, unless signs or markings indicate otherwise signal right and approach in the right-hand lane keep to the right on the roundabout until you need to change lanes to exit the roundabout signal left after you have passed the exit before the one you want.

At some complex junctions, there may be a series of mini-roundabouts at each intersection.

Traffic signs – The Highway Code – Guidance –

When taking any intermediate exit, unless signs or markings indicate otherwise select the appropriate lane on approach to the roundabout you should not normally need to signal on approach stay in this lane until you need to alter course to exit the roundabout signal left after you have passed the exit before the one you want.

Skip to main content. Pedestrians may be crossing between stationary vehicles. Give them plenty of room, especially if you are driving a long vehicle or towing a trailer select a lower gear before you reach a long downhill slope.

Is this page useful? The extra weight will also affect the braking and acceleration. What were you doing? Traffic signs Traffic signs used, including signs giving orders, warning signs, direction signs, information signs and road works signs.

Introduction to the Highway Code Part of: Cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users in particular may be hidden from your view. What are you legally obliged to do? These might have to take a different course or straddle lanes either approaching or on the roundabout because of their length.


Mirrors — Signal — Manoeuvre Overtaking rules to Rule Before overtaking you should make sure the road is sufficiently clear ahead road users are not beginning to overtake you there is a suitable gap in front of the road user you plan to overtake.

In Wales, bilingual versions of some signs are used including Welsh and English versions of place names. Some signal-controlled junctions have advanced stop lines to allow cycles to be positioned ahead of other traffic. For example, when you are approaching. Give vulnerable road users at least as much space as you would a car Rule Large vehicles. Part of Learn to drive a car: Do not enter that lane unless you want to go in the direction of the arrow.

The Highway Code Annexes

Allow pedestrians to cross when the amber light is flashing Rule Pelican crossings which go straight across the road are one crossing, even when there is a central island. Examples of different traffic signals and signs ihghway markings for cyclists and pedestrians, level crossing signs and signs and signals for buses and trams.

Do not unnecessarily encroach on the cyclists waiting area Turning right Rule Well before you turn right you should use your mirrors to make sure you know the position and movement of traffic behind you give a right-turn signal take up a position just left of the middle of the road or in the diretgov marked for traffic turning right leave room for other vehicles to pass on the left, if possible. What were you doing? You may use driver assistance systems while you are driving.

Wait in the central reservation until there is a safe gap in the traffic on the second half of the road. General rules rules to Rule Before moving off you should use all mirrors to check the road is clear look round to check the blind spots the areas you are unable to see in the mirrors higway if necessary before moving out look round for a final check.


You may proceed in the direction of the green arrow when it, or the full green light shows.

Find out more about cookies. In addition, each rule includes an abbreviated reference to the legislation which creates the offence.

These are more difficult to see than larger vehicles and their riders are particularly vulnerable. If the central reservation is too shallow for the length of your vehicle, wait until you can cross both carriageways in one go. Green panels indicate that the primary route starts at the junction ahead.

Although Northern Ireland road safety legislation continues to be brought into line with that in Great Britain, there are some differences which it has been necessary to reflect in this issue. Brown panels show the route to tourist attractions. If in doubt do not overtake not assume you can follow a vehicle ahead which is overtaking a long vehicle.

Overtaking these is more difficult. You MUST wait for pedestrians who are crossing from the other side of the island. Feedback Would you like to leave feedback about this page? The name of the junction may be shown at the top of the sign.

This can block your view of oncoming vehicles, so take extra care. Lane designated for use by high occupancy vehicles HOV – see rule Find out more about cookies. Pelican crossings which go straight across the road are one crossing, even when there is a central island. References to these issues have, however, been included as Direcgtov Ireland residents who plan to visit Great Britain might find them helpful. You MUST give way to traffic on the main road when emerging from a junction with broken white lines across the road.

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