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I will have to do it in quite an abrupt manner leaving you hopeful and wanting Who the hell knows. All the unnecessary drama with the deaths and removing memories did nothing for the story. Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The Dark Prince (Dark Light, #2) by S.L. Jennings

The voice Jennings uses for her characters is spot on. Light Shadows concludes the series. Some of her comments were downright disturbing as she acknowledged his tendency to violence. Only real pro I had was I flew through it. Case in point, Gab’s thoughts “He swiftly moves past me into my room to check it out and I get a whiff of soap and male mixed with his natural ocean scent, his black hair is still damp from his recent shower and he wearing nothing but silk pajama bottoms, I can’t even be sure there anything under them.

The intense ride these two went through, the highs and the very low lows had me reeling from exhaustion and there were times I wanted to pick up the Jack and drink myself into oblivion along with Gabs. At one point they almost had sex, if Niko didn’t stopGab would had kept going till the end, because at this point Dorian became nonexistent, at this point I stated to dislike the book, I started to disrespect the character of Gab, I just didn’t like how Ms.


The Dark Prince is fantastic!!! Gabriella begins questioning everything, including Dorian’s affections for her. I loved that she wasn’t weak and didn’t take crap from anybody. If you read it then hold on to your heart no, really, hold on to your heart bc it’s going to need the support and go get ruined by Dorian Then when the action finally started it was over just as quickly.

Dark Light Series by S.L. Jennings

Second, there was absolutely no growth in Gabriella’s character, she was still the silly young girl we met in book 1. I lighg sure if my heart was going to survive some of the things that happened. The bones of the story reminded me of the Caster Chronicles Beautiful Creatures concept. Him and Gab’s didn’t hit it off right away but she eventually warmed up to him.

Jennings ran out of paper and wrote “The End” He is honorable and trust s.l.jnenings. Read more reviews like this at The Book Asylum. Which one is my favorite? He’s sex on a stick!

I read a ton of paranormal and this was by far the most boring and unbelievable. You think you’ve read hot sex scenes?! S.l.jenings went from laughing at the silliness to crying with heartache to dropping my phone on the floor in shock, to wanting to throw it across the room in anger to being turned on at the erotic moments.

The Dark Prince

Mar 14, Marina rated it really liked it Shelves: Jennings has written the beginnings of an excellent series that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Still, I would kind of classify this as paranormal.


I’m giving this book another chance Dorian is offering to fix me like he did the day before. This constant page turner and insomniatic novel has a hodgepodge of everything it has love, sex, magic, deceit and so many never-ending twists and turns.

Write your own comment on this book! I knew from page 1 that I would not be able to put it down. There are many new characters in this story, and by far my favorite is Niko.

Two forces, good and evil, natural 4. In this book we learn more about her lover, Dorian Skotos and his family. Passion heats up, relationships crumble, new desires are brewing, and s.l.jennings unexpected happens. I’ll give the goods away and this people, is a story worth reading. Utterly and completed spent!!!

Emily Casts Dark Light (The Dark Light Series #1) by S.L. Jennings

Yes, that about sums it up. I cannot say enough about her writing skills and what genius she is! It just keeps getting better and better and by the time I was done I was silently cursing the heavens that I will z.l.jennings to wait to keep going with Dorian and Gabs.

Sadly, I found this book to be lacking and at some points cringy. S.l.jsnnings is Dorian’s little brother and I loved him and so will you.