Danfoss Drives regarding PELV .. acteristics of the installation, since Danfoss VLT Max. motor cable length, screened cable VLT V. Find great deals for Danfoss VLT AC Drive z 10 HP a Variable Speed Drive b Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Danfoss VLT AC Drive Z 10hp. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all electrical work conform disconnect the equipment from the AC line and is not to be used as to National Electrical Code NEC and all local Table of Contents Safety Guidelines All drives except VLTto V and VLTThe shield of the control wires must be grounded at the cable clamp at to V must be mounted directly to the wall with no spacers.

These fuses may be specified as an option to the drive and mended fuse rating. If specified, they will be installed by The drives are suitable for use on circuits capable of delivering not Danfoss Graham in an enclosure external to the drive which may more thanRMS symmetrical amps, volts maximum include other optional features.

Connecting input power to motor terminals will Conduit entry must be from the bottom on all drives. Conduit entries are result in drive failure when power is applied.

Terminal Tightening Torque Tighten terminals connecting the drive input power, output to the motor s NOTE Tighten terminals of volt drives of 32 amps and ground to the values shown 66011 the tables below. Drives with to and below to 17 in-lbs 1. A separate motor over- Do not connect anything to terminals 88 and 89 load must be supplied for each motor.

Danfoss VLT AC Drive Z 10hp | eBay

If the multiple motors are of significantly different sizes, starting problems High Voltage Form C Relay may occur. Control Connections The following is a description of the functions of the control terminals. All terminals for the low voltage control wires are located under the Many of these terminals have multiple functions determined by protective cover below the keypad.

Remove the cover with a parameter settings. Incoming power, motor wiring and control wir- They are used for serial communication and the common of digital danfosd should be run in three separate conduits or inputs 16 through Galvanic Isolation Electrical Noise Galvanic isolation offers protection from electric shock. All control In general, electrical noise can dantoss divided into two forms: Control Panel The Local Control Panel LCPnormally mounted on the front of the drive, is a complete interface for programming and operating the drive.

The control panel can be removed from the drive and installed up to 10 feet 3 meters dznfoss the drive by using a vlf mounting kit. The control panel has five functions: Display Keys for changing the display These 601 in either the Hand or Auto mode. Enable or keys are also used to change the local reference. The table below gives the operating data options for the first and Line 4 is the status line and the information is automatically generated second lines of the display.

Danfoss VLT 6011 AC Drive 175Z7360 10hp

It shows that the drive is in auto mode, with remote reference, and that the motor is Data Item: This display mode is shown when the drive is in Display Mode II and the This display mode is available dannfoss local reference is selected.

In this Display Mode key is pressed and held. A complete description of the function is given parameters of the drive. After programming, the drive will, in many in the parameter sections of this manual. Extended Menu Step Change of Numeric Values In some applications, the Quick Menu items will not set up all the The values of certain numeric items can also be selected from a list.


To access all the parameters, These parameters are Motor Power, parameter ; Compare drive model number to what danffoss ordered. Setting Up Drive for Motor Start 2. Programming Operation and Display Parameters through Using the Extend Menu key, it is possible to access to all the parameters for the drive.

This parameter group deals with the display, control keys and other general functions. Set the required value for maximum output frequency. DC link voltage [V] is the drive DC bus voltage. If there is a clt, the display reads: Check alarms section in this manual for possible causes of alarm. If danfosss is a warning, the display reads: Check warnings section in this manual for possible causes of This parameter allows a delayed start of the drive after the conditions Applying DC current to the dnafoss will brake the motor.

Check with Danfoss Choose one of two maximum output frequency ranges. Graham, manufacturer of motor, and manufac- turer of driven equipment before selecting Description of choice: Reference Handling It is possible to have both internal preset references and external references at the same time.

In parameterReference Type, a choice is made of how the preset references are to be combined with Reference handling is shown in the block diagram at the bottom of this the external references. The unit for the reference can be seen from the following table: This parameter chooses the active resulting reference. Program the desired decel time. Too long of a ramp down time can Depends on the unit 1 to seconds cause sluggish operation.

Too short of a ramp down time can cause the drive to trip off due to high DC bus voltage or cause unacceptable Function: Reference Type The example below shows how the resulting reference is calculated when Preset references are used together with Sum and Relative references set in parameterReference Type.

A formula for calculating the resulting reference is given under Calculation of Resulting Reference.

Rated current Parameter to rated current The warning functions in parameters through are not active during ramp-up after a Start command, ramp down after a Stop Function: When the total remote reference is less than the limit programmed in this Function: Inputs and Outputs Parameters through In this parameter group, the functions of the drive input and output terminals are defined.

The digital inputs are through terminals 16, 17, 18, 19, 27, 32 and Inputs are programmed by parameters through Freeze Reference freezes the present reference. The frozen In parameters throughDigital Inputs, the functions of reference can only be changed by means of Speed Up or Speed terminals 16 through 33 are selected. The frozen reference is saved after a stop command and when power is removed. If a feedback signal is connected, a voltage input vlg be connected to either terminal 53 or 54, or a current input conected to terminal If a two zone PID control is used, the feedback signals must Two analog inputs for voltage signals, terminals 53 and 54, and an be voltage inputs and applied to terminals 53 and This parameter is used for setting the signal value that corresponds to This parameter is used to set the signal value that corresponds to the the minimum reference or the minimum feedback, parameterminimum reference value or the minimum feedback, parameterThe pulse rate is set by parameterTerminal 45, Output, Pulse Scaling.

Output frequency lower than low frequency warning level. The These outputs can act both danfkss digital and analog outputs. If used as a output frequency is lower than the value set in parameterdigital output, a 0 or 24 VDC signal is transmitted. If used as an analog Warning: This output can function both as a digital and an analog output.


Relay Outputs Relay outputs 1 and 2 can be used to give the present status or a warning. Application Functions Set the desired time before each restart attempt. This includes vly proportional, integral,derivitative controller PID and When parameterFlying Startis enabled, setting the sleep mode function.

Activate sleep mode in parameterSleep Mode Timer.

In this frequency set in parameterWake-up Frequency, the drive will parameter, set how long the output frequency must be lower than the restart the motor and ramp up to the commanded reference.

Parameter to parameterDahfoss Frequency Switching frequencies higher than 4. When the theoretical output frequency exceeds the preset value, the drive vly the motor. In the VLTthe feedback signals [22] are also active in open loop operation.

The built-in proportional, integral, derivative PID controller in the drive maintains a constant condition pressure, temperature, flow, etc. The Minimum Reference, set in parameterindicates the smallest in the system.

Differentiator Gain Limit PID Overview The differentiation control reacts to the rate of change of the error between the setpoint and the feedback signal. This is seldom needed The block diagram below shows reference and setpoint in relation to for HVAC applications.

If the differentiation function becomes too the feedback signal. During closed loop operation, there are three ways to use the PID 1 Setpoint and 2 Feedbacks controller and setpoint danfoxs feedback signals: As above, parameterSetpoint 1, will be added glt the remote 1 setpoint and 1 feedback reference, if a remote reference is used. It is possible to choose whether the PID controller integrator is to Setpoint 1 is used to provide the setpoint reference for 1 setpoint PID continue to sum the error signal when it is not possible to increase or control and the setpoint for zone 1 in 2 setpoint PID control.

The proportional gain determines the amount of speed correction that When the differentiator is ued, fast changes in the error can sometimes the drive will make in response to the size of the error signal. The response time of the slaves is a FLN is a registered trademark of Siemens. If Danfoss FC protocol is to be selected, set parameterProtocol to Only a slave that has received a faultless packet addressed to that FC protocol.

Subsequently, eight data-bits are transferred, corresponding to one byte. Each character is sent with a parity bit to produce even parity i.

Danfoss VLT 6002-6011 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Address format 1 through Data Character byte The byte for the 1 through address range has the following The buildup of data blocks depends on the type of packet. Parameter Bytes If the command cannot be carried out, the slave will send this reply Command cannot be executed and give the following error message in the parameter value PWE: HIGH reply Error message The parameter number used does not exist There is no write access to the 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 For a read command, the index must have the following format: The first error code index [1] in parameterError code, must be read.

Example – Write a parameter value: Example – Read a parameter value: This value must be remembered after a power failure, so danfosx is sends the following inquiry: