Class D amp with Crown’s ultra-efficient Drive Core technology weighs less than 11 lb. . Crown’s new XLS DriveCore 2 series of power amplifiers feature an. Crown XLS DriveCore 2 amplifiers now feature a bandpass filter on each channel in addition to the previous low and high pass filters, enabling more precise. The affordable XLS is clean, powerful, quiet in operation and flexible in use.

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The larger versions would certainly be capable of driving larger systems, although the DSP may be a limitation.

Review: Crown XLS DriveCore 2 1502 Power amplifier

I kept backing out of the menu instead of saving my settings. Listening to the speakers in different environments, I found that the amplifier, including the built-in DSP, provided clean, clear sound.

For example, there is no EQ or delay. It comes in four models: In Bridged mode, you have more crossover filter features: All are two-channel amps, the largest of which—the —is able to produce 2, watts at corwn Ohms bridged.

Using Input-Y crowh, the amp uses the input from channel one and sends it as two separate inputs to power both outputs. This, however, is probably linked more to my inability to follow instructions; I am still unable to figure out duplex copying on the copy machine. That prosumer feeling, I quickly learned, is just an exterior perception. I never heard the fan. While the sound was excellent, I was amazed at how quiet the cooling is for this unit.


Review: Crown XLS DriveCore 2 Power amplifier – Church Production Magazine

Stereo, Bridged Mono and Input Y. This could stem from hometown pride, but I think it’s more the fact that they have built a reputation on quality. The LCD screen can also be set to a sleep time, so it dims as well. For this drifecore, Crown sent me the model, which produces watts into each channel at 4 ohms and 1, watts in bridged mode.

I even had one of Crown’s early six-channel amps, the CP, which they discontinued soon after I bought it. It weighs nine pounds—not what you’d expect if you’ve used earlier Crown amps, or any professional power amplifier for that matter.

In my early production days in northern Indiana we joked that we had no more than three degrees of separation from a Crown Audio worker. I even made sure to crank the audio for a while on my favorite song so see if it just needs some encouragement to run. The first amp I ever owned was an old CE Skip to main content. Stereo is pretty self-explanatory and is drifecore factory default for the amp.

I grew up in Elkhart, Ind. Other features in the menu allow the user to turn off the LED level indicators if the amp is in an area where it would be distracting to the audience. DSP is accessible and controlled via three buttons and a small LED screen that, honestly, took a little getting used to.


For dgivecore information and reproduction guidelines please contact us at or info churchproduction.

For the demo, I did my best to use the amp in varying combinations—both stereo and mono bridged. About Us Subscribe Editorial Advertise. DSP settings are not very robust, however.

I would recommend this particular unit for portable churches, churches with portable systems, youth groups and any number of smaller audio needs. So my first impression of this new Crown amp was that it was a prosumer product—designed for home theater or certainly something other than a serious pro audio environment.

drown Finally, in the menu is a security feature that disables the dfivecore so the DSP cannot be changed by your arch nemesis from the church down the street … or the elementary-aged kids playing hide and seek backstage. It does have a fan to draw air, but I am not sure if I have ever heard it. The clip LEDs cannot be disabled, which makes sense. With the DSP, you can select each channel and control it independently—a very cool feature allowing, for example, a two-way speaker on channel one and a subwoofer on channel two.

I compiled a series of different types of speakers: I’ve always had a great deal of respect for the Crown name. Copyright c Production Media, Inc.

Many options are available, including turning off the blue “style” lights.