Élégie en fa menor per a viola (o cello) i piano, Op. Capriccio “Hommage à Paganini” en do menor per a viola sola, Op. 55 (Op. 9. DownloadCapriccio per viola henri vieuxtemps pdf. you want to convert to an enhanced non-driver ID ENDID Unlikely to be today. Most parts are in stock. Free Classical Music Online. Listen to streaming Music for Viola online: Capriccio for Solo Viola by Henri Vieuxtemps, performed by Eric Nowlin.

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It is the last in a set of six pieces, the first cappriccio of which are for solo violin, and which were published posthumously under a variety of opus numbers.

The opening passage provides the material for the whole work, building up to the climax before reaching the final soft, plucked chords. Vieuxtemps and Paganini were not only two of the greatest violinists the world has ever seen, they were also both virtuoso viola players.

Vieuxtemps – Capriccio for solo viola

After his first stroke, he became able to play chamber music again, at least in private, and it was here that he often took the viola part. Most of his compositions were for violin, including the seven violin concertos, and it was only towards the end of his life that he extended towards other instruments, among other works composing two cello concertos, a viola sonata and three string quartets.


Unlike Paganini, Vieuxtemps never chose virtuosity for itself. He brought the Beethoven concerto into his repertoire, as well as programming works by Mozart, Couperin, Bach and Haydn among others.

In his compositions Vieuxtemps combined the virtuosity of Paganini with the classicism of Kreutzer, and this can clearly be seen in the Capriccio as well as in his concertos. Paganini played on a large Stradivari viola. Paganini felt that this was not showy enough for him and so never performed it, consequently being obliged to compose a work for himself.

This led to his Sonata per la Grand Viola and orchestra, composed in The Sonata has a Recitativo and a set of variations, the perfect opportunity for him to display his exceptional technique. It explores the full tonal range of the viola and makes use of an identical virtuoso technique to that which he used on the violin. He was fascinated by the exploration of new ways to produce sounds voola tone colours, often using scordatura, double harmonics, chromatic scales, high positions, octave passages and left hand pizzicato.


He performed the Sonata in London in but while his playing was well received, there were reservations voiced about the use of the viola as a solo instrument.

Henri Vieuxtemps – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

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