The American-born editor of the British literary magazine Granta presents a horrifying, searing account of the young British men who turn soccer matches at. Buy Among The Thugs New Ed by Bill Buford (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. They have names like Barmy Bernie, Daft Donald, and Steamin’ Sammy. They like lager (in huge quantities), the Queen, football clubs (especially Manchester.

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He also conflates two separate types of crowd violence: They murdered at the Bastille, tgugs Mississippi, and in front of the Wmter Palace. Lots of wonderful story telling around Loved the gonzo style immersion journalism into the holy world of soccer hooliganism.

An experience of absolute completeness. Blake I really don’t see him an infiltrator of any sort. The 50 best sports books ever written.

The crowd is the the base of everything else in football, an animal energy that is the true draw, not the action on the pitch. Order our Among the Thugs Study Guide.

If being part of a crowd is transforming, being part of a violent mob is ecstatic: Jan 15, Marco Pavan rated it liked it. I think it gives insight into how these people also end up viewing violence as something ordinary.

View the Study Pack. A New Yorker writer, Buford is the straight man to the crazy brutal violent world around him and he tells how he got sucked in only to emerge lucky to keep his life. Buford observes that in England, it is just not done for members of the literati to talk about the working class, and so no one will admit that the true “English working class” has vanished.

Among the Thugs Summary & Study Guide

Along with the senselessness of the English lad football fan, I found a cogent analysis of the Brexit vote. The second theme is violence. Considering I have virtually no knowledge or interest in sports in general and football soccer in particular and am generally squeamish amon violence, the fact I found this book such a great read is impressive.


Among the Thugs will be a book that wont let me forget it. Buford walks this line where he can tell us about the violence, talk about the appeal, and it doesn’t feel like he’s trying to convince us to get thufs or that it’s not so bad. If Thompson needed to be jumped by Hells Angels to have the perfect ending for his book then Buford found his own way to perhaps unintentionally outdo Thompson.

Lists with This Book. You’ll be gripped, and amazed. The acts committed by these men in the name of good-natured fan antics are atrocious, stomach clenching, and the kind of thing you hope children never learn about.

The police are not there, always, with dogs, horses, and full riot gear. I’m just disappointed it didn’t live up to its potential.

Everyone, except for children not reined in by their parents, is a consenting adult consenting in the activity. It was lucky that Buford’s time as a soccer hooligan matched up with some of the peaks aamong the violence, and also that it ended around the same time that the folks involved seem to be fading away and a lot of the violence was dying down. View a FREE sample.

It is an undeniable fact that by all conventional measures, attending a football game in England is a terrible way to spend a Saturday bufors.

The most incredible thing about bull book is the character studies. Buford also argues that amonng in a crowd collectively make the decision whether or not to cross thresholds gill violence. Or unlock all Premium articles. Buford is the author of the books: He, too, was trying to move me around with his free hand, so he could get a clear view of his target; it was the snap-crackle-pop sound that he was after, the one the collarbone makes when it breaks in half.

Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references. Although that argument can certainly be made, that the state is allowed to kill but we as individual non-state-sponsored actors are not, it is certainly a flimsy one. An absolutely stunning work of reportage. It was, however, an easy one, and it consisted in this: In a series of short narrative essays about his experiences across England and the continent, with all sorts of fringe members of “the Firm”, Buford explores what that meaning is.


President Barack Obamaclaimed that a lesson could be learned about terrorists by studying football hooligans. The book is definitely wo The book is very well written and fascinating in parts.

Among the Thugs – Wikipedia

Still, that is the approach he chose and it has its merits. The premise– studying the soccer hooligans by “becoming one,” inasmuch as that is possible– is a little X-treme for my tastes.

Also the links to nationalism and racism and right wing political groups. The crowd is a means to an end, and “when it goes off”, as signaled by someone throwing a trash bin through a window, the crowd becomes animated in mass violence, from throwing stones at riot thjgs, to mass property destruction and semi-random knifings.

Buford is an editor for Grantaand so the book reads more like a lengthy New Yorker profile, rather than A Clockwork Orange. Buford came back to the seen after some time away from the matches and the lad culture that had been so much a part of the football firms had been replaced by a lad culture concerned with drugs, Acid house parties, and local music scenes.

All of thw were highly colored—deep brown or caked with yellow, or, like a pea soup, mushy green and vegetable soft with decay. He’s actually a sociologist who doesn’t understand British sports. Intrigued by the stories of violence and lawlessness the games ignite in the supporters of the teams, he sets out to understand how and why so many young and working-class people are continuously worked into a fervor attending soccer games.

But I’ve been among those crowds on matchday and there is something electric about them. View all 3 comments. Glad the situations are much better and safer for everyone. Surprise not in the thuhs rioting of sports fans, but that nothing like this happens in the states.