Find great deals on eBay for baten kaitos origins manual. Shop with confidence. Baten Kaitos – Manual. Game Title, Baten Kaitos. Document Type, Manual. Platform, GameCube. Author, strangeling (stats). Filesize, MB. Date. Downloads. GameStop: Buy Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Bandai Namco Entertainment Product may not include original box and instruction manual.

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Try to save revival Magnus in Mizuti’s hand for an emergency. Below is a chart summarizing the contents behind each door. All the bosses here are elemental-based, so you can use the exact same party and the exact same strategy to defeat all of them. You can easily make as many as you want by using the weak monsters on Sadal Suud, but your priority in the next battle should be avoiding KO, rather than healing it.

Both articles should have the game infobox placed at the start of the article and filled out fully, as well as contain the following information:. Either way, it’s time to open up Cor Hydrae, so return to Corellia’s Palace, speak to her, and confirm that you’re ready.

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean () GameCube box cover art – MobyGames

If you want to trigger them, then speak to: Please kaitoos me in either case so that I can make the necessary changes. Exchange your Constellation Magnus, and then head off to the next island. The numbers indicate the door, going from left to right.

Refine your search for baten kaitos origins manual. Make sure Xelha has plenty of Fire and Dark spells in her deck. Despite being called a “labyrinth”, this area is pretty linear. If you miss, then your party will be attacked.


You can avoid all of the Imperial Walkers in this area. The guy reconstructing the Star Map actually holds the last Constellation.

Touch them and you’ll hear another chime. Consistency in naming articles is important to the overall quality of kaiots wiki, so we’ve laid out some guidelines to be helpful:. You will need it to take a photo of the Nunkirantula!

BATEN KAITOS Gamecube Complete CIB w/ Box, Manual Good | eBay

Continue along the linear path to exit the jungle. However, if you are careful, then you can get all the treasure and make it out with only five battles. So do not leave the enemies in the hallway for last.

Graphically the game is superb and the environments very diverse etherial and imaginative. Return to the hallway and unlock the remaining room to save Xelha.

It’s time to continue with the story. You’re done in this area, so continue onward to the Duke’s manor.

Enter the doorway in the upper middle of the maze, and jump across to the right to find the Golden Hero again. Go up the steps in the center. Examine the rod with the moon to get warped to the boss battle. Leave the room and save at the red flower, then go down the stairs.

Also include strong non-elemental attack cards. Head out to the World Map, and save your game outside the shrine. However, a list of the missable Magnus, along with their maximum copies, is available in the appendix.

How you go about finishing up your save file is up to you.

You should use Mizuti, Savyna, and Lyude. Each location in the game — island, city, dungeon, etc. You can talk to the woman in the middle of the other room to hear the legend kaifos the ocean.


BatenKaitos:Manual of Style

You may want to stop by the blue save flower and trade in manusl the Constellation Magnus we’ve amassed since the last time. Go to the port at the right side of town and climb onto the white dragon.

The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Xelha will be on her own and her task is to rescue the others. Exit once you’ve stolen everything.

I’ve never managed to get a sharp photo, but it seems that the lighting is OK. Meta elements include people involved in the making of the games, such as voice actors and game staff.

And then you get overwhelmed and steam-rolled by his combination of Binding Wings and Fangs of Darkness, while he heals much of the damage you’ve done. Try to chain combos whenever possible to squeeze out as much damage as possible. Go back to the other house, give the cream to the guy, and grab some chocolate when Donella isn’t looking. Save and get ready for the boss battle.

Return to the main room and place the Philosophy Book in the shelf in kaitod top right corner, then enter the Literature Section. Bank [] Sweetheart Pict. Finally done with this.

Luckily, you can already begin getting cards for your final inventory: This is your absolute last chance to get a photo of this enemy if you somehow neglected to do so at the start of the game. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other strong Wind armors available at this point. Log In Sign Up.