The AX/TF Series of long range photoelectric detectors with selectable beam frequencies. The selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid. The Optex AXTF is an outdoor 4-channel select dual beam photoelectric detector featuring a detection range and a form C relay output. Searching for a low cost Photoelectric Detector solution? The Optex AXTF is a great Photoelectric Detector within our Photoelectric Detectors product line at.

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Check the voltage using the monitor jack and make any fine adjustments the lower mirror. Being only a part of a complete system, we cannot accept responsibility for 650ft damages or other consequences resulting from an intrusion. Do not use the product for purposes other than the detection of moving objects such as people and vehicles.

User s Manual Before using the inverter, you need to read and save the safety instructions. There is frost or snow on the unit’s cover. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Call Technical Support for other options. Prevent direct sunlight moved by the wind 6650tf as plants and from entering into internal laundry, which may block the beam.


The detector shall also contain a tamper switch N. Discontinued We are sorry but this item has been discontinued View Alternative Product. Clipsal is a registered trademark of Clipsal Australia Pty Ltd. To ensure 650tg use of this product, please More information.

Before 65tf the product, please read this instruction manual to ensure More information.

Long Range Photo Beam

Does the power now satisfy the 650ttf In order to get the most out of this instrument for many years to come, please take the More information. Make the horizontal and vertical adjustments to the lower mirrors. Wireless transmitter not included. This symbol indicates prohibition. General 1 Detection range and installation height.

YES Power cables may be too long for the gauge being used. For Bi Xenon kits only: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Photoelectric detectors detect intruders when both the upper and lower invisible infrared beams are simultaneously broken. Use heavier cable or use additional power supplies closer to the farthest units.

Be sure to understand the description before reading the rest of this manual. This reduces false alarms due to accidental beam interruption by falling leaves and small animals. There are plants, 650td or debris that may block the beam during windy conditions. Is the control panel zone’s Loop Response Time” set to within 1 second?


Optex Outdoor Dual Beam. Does the relay open when power is removed? For Safe Use of the Product Read this instruction manual carefully prior 560tf installation. Read and become familiar More information. Long range 24m X 2. Adjust the upper mirror. Optional white decorative cover WC-1 Ordering no.

Monitor the beam strength Monitor Jack while adjusting beam to insure stable alignment. The alarm period shall be 2.


Replace or repair as necessary The control panel may be malfunctioning, call the control panel manufacturer. Control Panel 2 Associated Equipment B. In case the wireless transmitter has more than two outputs available, one wireless transmitter in each element transmitter and receiver is enough. Make fine adjustment by turning “Fine Adjustment Screw”.

The total weight both Transmitter and Receiver shall be Prevents fog and condensation from blocking the beams. Warning Neglecting the following.

The adjustable included bracket enables the HX to maintain the optimal catch performance. The detector shall contain an A.