factions will have their own unique farming areas, and this article is dedicated to farming gold for Aion. I will introduce Asmodian-level 20 Farming Guide firstly. Nancy G Date: Views: aion asmodian guideaion asmodian farming guideasmodian farming guide lvl20aion kinahaion gold. The world in Aion. Are you struggling with kinah after our lord provider Gameforge fixed this hideous bug that bother all of us? Dont worry, this guide will teach you.

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Kina to add to the discussion? But even if it is alt-friendly in the end u focus on ur main. Not casual but Semi-hardcore patch.

Create a website for free. Your logic is fooling you acually. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. GF are the heroes for a bot free game. Later on you should create more than 1 account for kinah cap every week!

Greater mythic supplements, omega enchantment stones, and tempering solutions sell well, but kijah are things you will also need if you intend to actually ailn the game to its fullest potential.


Best guide on A l guid so far. With GP u still have a cap?? When you chat associated with our service, you’ll have to learn a string of prompts in order to make the purchase.

Although, don’t set the price too low because still that is really generate a cost drop for the goods you sell. Please kibah not downvote unless something violates the rules, if something violates the rules in a comment please notify a moderator.


Its not a good idea to build a group of lvl 66 guidde if you join an experienced group its easy! Trolling is not tolerated.

[EU]Best way of making kinah : aion

Thisfor mesounds more like a slavery rather than gameplay. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of ain. They sell at about 65k each on DN-A. Guidw, another process to earn cheap aion kina is crafting and farming items that happen to be to be sold onto the auction dwelling.

You can make about 2M 2 kinah per hour! The economy would go to shit. Log in or sign up in seconds. Though with low drop rates, those are worth your time and labor.

Though I was hoping with 6. Then, of course, pray that you get lucky during events and get items that are worth millions. A good idea for people who don’t have work and life.

Posted October 18, For lower levels, some more profitable things are selling enchantment stones you make and some of the more unique skins Kromede’s trial skins for example, I’ve sold them for anything between 1 and 20M kinah. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. If that’s how we earn kinah these days then i rather go play old school runescape or wait for NA release, look at their forums they already give free stuff and also good events not like we have right now some Nyerking garbage shugo jewels and meat that never drops from ingredient pouch.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. It still made it “hard”. Kinah was already a issue earlier anyway, but in a way issue to make decission: By now you should have like 15M.


If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. As starter you can sell for 21kk and as goldpack user you can sell kk kinah! Posting Rules Do not post anything which violates the terms and conditions of Aion. Always auction your items at rock bottom Trade Broker price.

At lvl 80 you can make some GoK and Mirash runs. Also, chronos stones sell at around 3. Get mighty supplements and sell for the maximum kinah cap per week reset every wednesday Not trying to be condescending, just making sure I explain everything as I’m not sure what was available when you last played.

Attempts to annoy or harass will result in a warning or a ban at the moderators discretion. Hello, guys i’m lvl 30 right now, how alon i get kinah for the gold pack?

How To Earn Kinah

Submit a new link. Of course, Refund Policy Collateral. Edited October 18, by Vantheria-DN. Aion stats – what the numbers mean. You can do also send a message over your live talk with buycheap aion kinah generator.