14mz, Instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 14MZ User Manual. Get Futaba 14MZ Manual. Get all Futaba manuals! 14MZ. 14 CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. PCMG3/PCM/FM selectable. INSTRUCTION. Compact Flash (CF) Card Handling Instructions Follow these precautions when handling the CF card included in your 14MZ transmitter. DO NOT allow the.

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The channel assigned to each function can be checked at the Function menu of manyal Linkage Menu. The auto power off function can also be deactivated.

Detailed instructions for use are in the User’s Guide. This can be used when playing back the CF card from the PC can be played back when name of maneuvers, etc. Before setting the model data, use the Model This section outlines the relationship between the Type function of the Linkage Menu to select the Fuel Mixture Fuel Mixture Dedicated mixing used in needle adjustment of engines which use a fuel mixture control carburetor. Touch the button of the rate or EXP curve rate your want to set.

Sound Sound Sound recording and playback. Adjustment of the lever length You can adjust the length of stick levers, as you like. A needle curve can be set.

The center position of the servo throws, generates differential throws, and indicator is based on the Manula settings. Land your aircraft immediately. The screen depends on the model type. As an example Trim Mix 1 can be set up for launching, with speed flaps and ailerons dropped, and a slight amount of up elevator. All programming and setup may be done in this manner without transmitting.


It will take manuzl 30 seconds to be ready for use, as it takes time to initialize the internal circuit of the transmitter. For a description of the connection method, see “Receiver and Servos Connection”.

Operating instructions FUTABA 14MZ |

You may use this tool as a stylus pen for operating touch panel. It has a backlight and the screen is manufactured of a transflective construction which enables both indoor and outdoor visibility. To prevent possible damage to your radio gear, turn the power switches on and off in the proper sequence: Before flying, confirm the direction of operation.

As the CF card is a precision device, do not use excessive force when inserting. Page 93 Butterfly [Corresponding model type]: When using this function, the number of throttle channels must be assigned beforehand at the Function menu of the Linkage Menu. Select the setting mode. Use rubber band to stretch antenna and then fix it. Page 70 Dial Monitor LDisplays the position of the dials, slider levers, manhal digital trim. Upload digital images of your aircraft for use as model names on the graphic display menu.

Check the nanual battery as often as possible and try to charge the battery earlier. Do not use the transmitter as it is, send it back mxnual a check to the Futaba Service Center. Li-ion battery T14MZ is operated by 7.

Therefore, put the transmitter and the receiver as close as possible when setting the frequency of the receiver. In addition to each rudder side moving up and down together, each side moves in opposite directions when moving as Elevators.

To change the trim rate, you must activate this through the function menu, within the linkage menu. It can operate up to 14 Channels. Helicopter basic setting procedure 1. Fully extend the transmitter antenna.


Receiver and servos connection – Futaba 14MZ User Manual

Starts and sets the trainer system. Page 99 Gyro [Corresponding model type]: Then you will see frequencies on the screen. Receiver and servos connection Connect the receiver and servos in accordance with the connection diagram shown below.

Condition Select Flight conditions addition, deletion, copy, condition renaming, 14ms condition delay can be set.

Throttle-stick Calibration Futaba 14MZ and FX40

Turn the transmitter back on. Add conditions, as required. This is very useful if the student gets the aircraft into an undesirable situation. A typical menu screen is shown below. Be certain to insert the CF card in the correct direction. Adjust the screw on the right.

FUTABA 14MZ Manuals

If you have purchased this product from an exporter outside your own country and not the authorized Futaba dis- tributor in your country, please contact the seller immediately to determine if such export regulations have been met. You can use the toolbox contained in the set for various adjustment of the transmitter. The channel assignments can also be changed. Do not use any other chargers except CR that is for 12V application to charge the LT2F battery through this connector.

In case of using PCMG3 receivers How to reset software If the screen freezes for some reason and you cannot edit, the transmitter power supply is not shut off even if you turn OFF the power switch. Never store the CF card where it may be subject to strong static electricity or magnetic fields.